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A new warning released by the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says that consuming beverages hotter than 149 degrees Farenheit is "probably carcinogenic to humans" and could increase the risk for oesophageal cancer. @starbucks is back at it with the newest addition to the secret menu.According to Reuters, oesophageal cancer is the eight most common cause of cancer and one of the most deadly types. Passion fruit iced tea, soy milk, vanilla syrup, and blackberries. THANK YOU to each and every one of you for being all around awesome and following on this food adventure! TAG A STARBUCKS JUNKIE πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ A post shared by SCOTT AFTERS.❀️ Celebrated by trying out @dailyfoodfeed refreshing Purple Drink creation on this warm summer day! A post shared by OC Food Fiend (@ocfoodfiend) on πŸ†•πŸ†• @Starbucks SECRET MENU. Afters Ice Cream (@scottafters) on Move over #Pink Drink ...Members report meeting four or five people in their first month.3.It's so much easier: we do it all for you You don't really have to do a lot: request a one-to-one, make a phone call, go out and meet.

πŸ‘…πŸ’¦ ❗️To show our appreciation, we're giving away FIVE @Starbucks gift cards for you to try it yourself❗️ To enter: 1. πŸ’¦ πŸ“·: @dailyfoodfeed πŸ“: @starbucks #⃣: #dailyfoodfeed πŸ‘»: Snapchat dailyfoodfeed πŸ‘‡ TAG YOUR FRIENDS πŸ‘‡ A post shared by Home of #Daily Food Feed (@dailyfoodfeed) on Got the @starbucks #purpledrink (I like to call it #purpdrank) today and it's so refreshing πŸ’œ Did you guys know #Starbucks had a secret menu cause I didn't!His reputation is also buffeted by his passionate loathing for anything vegetarian, or, god forbid, Now, Tony said this with the sly smirk of a fifth grade boy who likes to pull the ponytails of girls at lunchtime.My mom told me if boys tease you, that means they like you. β€’β€’β€’ #Secret Menu #LALife #Cali Life #Life Of AMom #Mommy Life #Dranks #Summer #LA #LAMom #Cali Mom #Yummy #Break Time #Purple #LAEats #Good Eats #Foodie So apparently there is a New @starbucks #Purpledrink that's on the Secret Menu: Passion Iced Tea, Soy Milk, Vanilla and Blackberries! Once you receive an introduction, just pick up the phone, book a date and you're there.Just like their Pink Drink, which probz took over your Insta a couple weeks ago, it's from their ~Secret Menu~ but somehow everyone knows about it.


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