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“It was there I saw the police officers arresting a man who looked late 20s, black hair and blood over his white vest top and his arms,” he added.“I assumed he had been caught fighting, but a few people who had witness the whole thing told me he had stabbed a woman’s throat in her car.She encouraged people to “take their own advice” and hoped her words be “uplifting” read for friends.

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One man, Ash Tucker, said he arrived to see at least 10 police cars pulling into the car park and could hear shouting.

Witnesses say they saw a man in a white vest and ‘covered in blood’ being put in a police car in handcuffs.

Eye-witness Ash Tucker described the attacker sitting in his car, not looking ‘phased’ after the assault.

He's cut a lady's throat as she sits in her car and he doesn't even look fazed."Anthony Sutton, manager of Dockside Outlet Centre, said there had been an isolated incident involving a man and a woman.

The victim and suspect are believed to be known to each other.


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