What is the new adventure dating show on nbc

A presidential hopeful looks for his first lady; a radio host known for her no-nonsense attitude meets one of her listeners; a little person hopes to find love without judgment; one dater hopes to settle down with "the one" at last.

High-powered execs try to squeeze romance into their lives; two anxiety-ridden singles hope to meet their other halves; a pair of siblings attempt a double date, with mixed results; opposites may attract for two lovestruck seniors.

After a phone interview, Skype interview (I had to be “camera ready” for that…which was like a foreign language to me at the time) and signing my life away to NBC in their contract (hyperbole), I was on a flight to Chicago to meet my first date!

Love in the Wild is a reality television series that debuted on June 29, 2011 on NBC. The first season was hosted by Darren Mc Mullen; season 2 premiered on June 5, 2012 with new host Jenny Mc Carthy.

Of those, The Mysteries of Laura was canceled after two seasons, while The Carmichael Show has been renewed for a 13-episode 3rd season (and will be one of just two returning comedies for the network).

NBC is also still undecided on whether to bring back The Biggest Loser for another season.

The eponymous series, which is slated to premiere later this year, will feature Mc Carthy’s take on pop culture as well as guest panelists and celebrity interviews.

"First Dates" is executive produced by Ellen De Generes and Jeff Kleeman for A Very Good Production, Pam Healey and John Hesling for Shed Media, and Tim Carter for Twenty Twenty.

Anthony Dominici also serves as executive producer.

Set in Costa Rica (season 1) or in Dominican Republic and Hawaii (season 2), the series begins with ten men and ten women, paired into couples.

The couples must compete in challenges that test their own abilities and their compatibility as a team.


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