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All comments with criminal intentions will be deleted, for example related to selling or buying credit card information, credit card verification values (CVV), card security code (CSC) etc.

But the truth is that there is a huge and “unstoppable” spam-proliferating fake accounts these last weeks on Instagram.

Many are actresses, models, porn stars, and other famous people too, who's photos are being used by scammers.

That´s why many affected users reported me recently they find their own profiles pics on others fake spammers accounts. You have to know that Instagram is conscious of this situation and working hardly against bots and spammers.

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At the moment, Instagram Community Team is probably submerged by million of “report abuse” notifications but that´s all we can do. ¿Cómo embeber tus fotos y vídeos de Instagram en tu blog o web?

Sometimes these “bots” also catch directly real profile pictures (randomly) from other real users.


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