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For Steve Nowicki, the Stern Show's other ladykiller, he picks up people the old-fashioned way."I can go out to a bar and meet girls or I've got, like, girls through friends," he told Howard, adding that he probably averages about two to three different women each month.But Will Murray said Steve was being modest with that estimate, spilling he heard Nowicki slept with two different girls in the same day once."No wonder he's always smiling," Howard said with a laugh."I'm dying to know what I did wrong with this girl," he told Howard.Who better to get to bottom of Memet's problem than Shuli Egar, who volunteered to call his most recent date and ask her why she stopped talking to him."The very first thing she asked me was, 'So how old are you again?'" He came clean about being 30 and it was not well received.Memet told Howard that he felt an instant connection as soon as he saw her."I was seeing us at a wedding, I was seeing her in a white dress," Memet admitted.The roommate chose not to give her the spare bedroom but that didn't stop Memet from texting her.

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Ronnie decided to weigh in: he told Memet he has a problem.

Getting a girl back to his place has gotten much easier since he moved out of Harlem.

He now lives in a nicer neighborhood in an apartment above a bar, which makes it a lot easier to use a smooth line on a girl to get her upstairs."That is so cheesy," Robin said."It works," Memet told her.

"I think what happened the second time was even more traumatic for me."Condoms have caused Memet some struggles in the past.

While he was able to get off on the first go-around with this girl, the second time was a different story.


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