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But one day, it sweated off in her sleep, so she revealed that she had the condition.And despite Keira’s fears, Owen could not have cared less, inspiring her to make a difference to others who might be suffering from similar fears.

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Most cases are non-segmental, meaning they affect both sides; and in these cases, the effected area of the skin typically expands with time.

The girl couldn't understand why people were treating her differently, and at some point even blamed herself.'I was unable to fathom whether I was the one who was not friendly enough, whether I made a mistake, whether I ate too many chocolates which is why I have this,' she added.

'These "whethers" ravaged my mind so much that there were times where I felt like the loneliest person on Earth.'Kartiki's friends eventually resumed normal behavior, but not until the school explained during a special session it was 'safe' to be around her.

A teenager with vitiligo has turned her skin condition into beautiful works of art by using the discolored patches on her body in whimsical designs.

Kartiki Bhatnagar, of New Dehli, India, was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was just 7 years old.


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