Vatsim intimidating

A virtual airline is similar to a real one except all activity takes place on computers around the world using flight simulation software.

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You don't have to become a pilot, but actually taking the controls for a while gives you a new perspective on it.

I have always loved aviation, and what better way to get more enjoyment out of my passion of aviation than to jump into a virtual cockpit and blast around the skies? Unfortunately, flying around without a purpose quickly got boring. Initially, there were way too many options, from acrobatic groups to real life airline companies.

Getting into a big cockpit for the first time and seeing all those buttons was intimidating, but the plane was already started up so I did not need all these buttons. I eased the throttles forward and away I went, no flaps, no brakes set to RTO… FSX went back on the shelf, and I forgot about it for a year or so. Did I miss this when I first used a flight simulator? Judging by my previous experience with FSX, I knew I could not handle the big jets yet, and I decided something smaller would be more my style. I’d seen Ice Pilots on TV and absolutely loved the WW2 planes they use for cargo runs as well as the DC-3 chartered passenger flights.

Pro Flight founder Caleb Taylor believes that there are better ways to train pilots and he isn’t afraid to try new techniques to help new and existing Citation Jet pilots learn how to fly safely. The problem with training in the airplane, of course, is that it is difficult to simulate failures.

We go into every aspect of flying this airplane.” Pro Flight is based in Carlsbad, Calif., near the city’s airport, and was founded in 1988 to provide flight training in Cessna Conquest turboprops.


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