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Also, your model holds view components, an Array List of Car, a class that extends JPanel, another thing that should never occur as the model should be completely ignorant of the view, with the exception being that it knows that some things may be listening to it, and it needs to notify those things, and that's it. JPanel; public class Car extends JPanel Should not be used as the Graphics obtained is not stable.Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you may have...--- code --- /* Global Variables */ JFrame F; JPanel drawing Area; (later in code) /* parts of the create Window method F = new JFrame(); Title(title); Window Listener(new Window Adapter() ); Fwidth = Fheight = 500; Bounds(100,200, Fwidth, Fheight); //set the position and size of the frame menu Bar = new JMenu Bar();// Create a menu bar object Content Pane(this); JMenu Bar(menu Bar); // Add the menu bar to the frame (later in code ..Anyway, I'm actually writing a small applet program, although I've also included a "main" so I can test it from the command line without a browser.

I have a JPanel to which I'd like to add JPEG and PNG images that I generate on the fly.

one possibility is duplicate declarations for label.

the one you see on the screen is not the one your 'dynamic' code is changing You could wrap the array in a wrapper class, and make that class fire events.

roll Action Listener(new Roll Listener()); JLabel myscore = ...

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