Updating an couch

Rita’s Turn: From the beginning this was really a marriage of convenience.Before I had this sofa, I had a camel-back sleeper-sofa that I found on craigslist when I was setting up a new household for my kids and me.If you are new, you can find the original ‘How to Paint a Couch with Chalk Paint’ tutorial, HERE. Should I use chalk paint on my favorite chair or couch?As a refresher this is what the couch looked like before I painted it. Does the paint come off or rub off on your clothes? If it’s your go to chair for relaxation and comfort or a piece of furniture you use multiple times a day then maybe don’t paint it.It’s been a year and 2 weeks to be exact and I still cant believe that I actually painted a couch! The super fine grit sandpaper is what really smooths it out the best. I think you could try it but just be careful not to push too hard into the upholstery. It it similar to the stiff feel of outdoor furniture.:-) I have received a lot of questions about this particular project and I really feel I owe it to you guys to do a 1 year follow up post on the subject! It is fine to sit on for an hour but it’s not something you want to cozy up on and read a book or take nap.If you're a typical PHP developer, it doesn't take a thorough review of past projects to pick out a telling pattern: In most (if not all) cases, you're probably getting PHP to talk to a database back end for all that dynamic data goodness; in 99 percent of those instances, you're using My SQL.Now, there's nothing wrong with using a relational database.

Each document gets a unique revision ID and has its own structure, with all documents stored in the same flat collection.

Could you please share log messages from logcat when flight mode is OFF? Looking at the Android monitor now there is way less network activity now, and because of that there is way less CPU and RAM activity, and the lag is gone.

The VMs were running for weeks without issues but I strongly believe that restarting solved the issue.

Find out more about this makeover over at Brick City Love.

"For the living room, I like to change up the throw on the back of the sofa," Emily told POPSUGAR."You put a really pretty throw on it and all of a sudden, it has a lot of style.


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