Updating 4 2 version on iphone 3gs

There's also no new support for previous i OS features that the i Phone 3GS never previously got, ranging from Siri to Face Time to HDR photos.

On the other hand, not even the year newer and significantly faster i Phone 4 supports i OS 6's new Navigation, Flyover or Panorama, nor does it support Siri or Cellular Face Time (due to missing hardware support for those features).

The i OS 5 firmware was released today which packs some brand new features that are going to be extremely beneficial to you.

Some of these features are wireless syncing, i Cloud integration, a new notification system and i Message.

There are many ways you can go about backing up your i Phone, i Pod Touch or i Pad.

The company is ending support for its You Tube app on many devices manufactured before 2013, including a number of Apple gadgets, because of upgrades to You Tube's platform.

Here’s a quick guide to which devices are affected and what you can do to hang onto You Tube.

This is in stark contrast to rival smartphones introduced alongside it just over three years ago: the entire range of Windows Mobile 6.x devices, Palm's web OS Pre and Pixi, RIM's Blackberry 5.x lineup and all hardware running Google's Android 2.0 Eclair are not just unsupported today by those platforms' latest releases, but were in all cases not even supported through the first two years' contract life of those devices.

That situation isn't changing either, with Google, Microsoft and RIM's platforms all gearing up to provide their new releases exclusively on new devices., while "the i Phone 3GS actually gets most of the new OS's tweaks and refinements," it found that "the new features also don't slow the phone down appreciably." That's an improvement over Apple's previous releases of backward support.


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