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Une actualité pointue est recueillie auprès de sources avérées et fiables.Elle est traitée, analysée et commentépolitique, économique et l’actualité liée aux domaines d'intérêt public : technologie, culture, société, sport, santé.Tunisia’s telecoms regulator, the INT, introduced new licensing regulations and continues to make strides towards ensuring greater transparency and accountability.As the government grapples with increased terrorist attacks, authorities have resisted calls to reinstitute blocking and filtering. You can go through the list of females in your neighbourhood to browse through their pictures. Although the state-controlled Tunisie Télécom (sometimes referred to as TT) maintains a monopoly over the country’s domestic internet backbone, two ISPs inaugurated Tunisia’s first privately operated fiber optic submarine cable.Kapitalis accorde une grande importance aux débats d’idées et à l’expression citoyenne en tunisie, à travers la publication de tribunes.

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As the government continues to grapple with increased terrorist attacks, authorities have resisted calls to reinstitute blocking and filtering.

Il s’adresse principalement aux acteurs de la vie économique et politique, qu’ils soient chefs d’entreprises, hommes d’affaires, hommes politiques, banquiers, investisseurs de tous bords, communicateurs ou organismes spécialisés.

Le journal met en ligne, en permanence et en temps réel, des informations d’ordre politique, économique et technologique.

Blogger Yassine Ayari was tried by a military court and served prison time over charges related to the defamation of the military.

The editor of received a three-month suspended sentence for defamation regarding a video published to the website in which a third party insulted a judge.


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