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Chemical analysis of ash from the eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea has shown that it all apparently came from the Santorini explosion. Ash layers in the core have been identified by their sulfur content.

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On Santorini, there is a 60 m (200 ft) thick layer of white tephra that overlies the soil clearly delineating the ground level prior to the eruption.Thera, also called Santorini, is a small archipelago in the Aegean Sea about 240 kilometers (150 miles) southeast of Athens.The islands in the archipelago form the circular ring of a caldera formed from volcanic eruptions.Just when did Egyptian pharaohs such as King Tut and Rameses II rule? Now a radiocarbon study concludes that much of the assumed chronology was right, though it corrects some controversial dates and may overturn a few pet theories."This is an extremely important piece of research that shows clearly that historical dating methods and radiocarbon dates are compatible for ancient Egypt," says Kate Spence, an archaeologist at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. historian Manetho and inscriptions found at key sites such as Saqqara and Karnak, provide what are called "floating chronologies" because they are internally consistent but not anchored to absolute dates.The controversy is ongoing, and an agreement between the various parties to the dispute is not likely anytime soon.


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