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Racy, hip and professionally parent-baiting: after four solid years of success in the UK, the grungey teen drama Skins crossed the Atlantic this week, as MTV premiered what it hopes will be the latest British TV concept to flourish in the United States. Not entirely unpredictably, the country's notoriously prudish viewing public aren't universally taken with the alcohol-fuelled, sex-suffused series. Finally, the US Senate made its disapproval known, requesting the PTC to investigate whether the programme might, with its regular depictions of teenage nudity and sex, violate child pornography laws. Indeed, Skins' ability to shock is, by and large, its USP. First the Parents Television Council (PTC) described the programme – before it had even aired – as "the most dangerous show for children... Then, on Thursday, Viacom, the conglomerate which owns MTV, instructed producers to "tone down" explicit content.Drugs, sex, abortion and self-harm have each been examined in all-too-intimate detail, woven between scenes from all-night parties and drinks binges.Since the first series aired on E4 in 2007, it has attracted viewing figures in the millions, become the most successful British programme in the channel's history, and attracted slavish devotion amongst fans.The film highlights the price young people pay for a culture where fear, shame, and denial too often undermine education, communication, and basic common sense.It looks at a broad swath of the American teenage experience -- from a teen in Atlanta, GA who discusses the disconnect between the virginity pledge movement and the reality of teen's lives, to college students talking about the "hook up" culture of college, and a young gay man who was infected with HIV at age 17 talks about the impact the lack of sex education and information has on gay teens.Welcome to Do Something.org, a global movement of 5.5 million young people making positive change, online and off! The 11 facts you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page.

Teen Sexual Activity Declining It should also be noted that the fact that teens give relatively low moral weight to sexual matters doesn't necessarily mean they are behaving irresponsibly when it comes to sex.

Because of my work in many different countries and cultures, and my involvement in a project called Move For Aids, I became interested in the issue and decided to take a deeper look at how America's inability to talk about sex really impacts teens. Every day in America, 10,000 teens catch a sexually transmitted disease, 2,400 teen girls get pregnant, and 55 young people are infected with HIV.

Also consider these cold, hard facts: But I wasn't just shocked by the statistics but also by the fact that most people are unaware of how bad the situation really is and also how valuable open communication and education can be in alleviating the problem.

After processing what I had learned, my mission became to bring these shocking facts to life through film and in the process offer some real solutions to try and improve the situation. For three years, I traveled through the United States and Western Europe on a journey to understand common trends on sex and sexuality, and to profile young Americans who have been directly affected by the current lack of honest, open conversation.

These teens are powerful advocates for change, navigating the real world with little guidance about sexuality, and occasionally facing devastating consequences as a result.


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