Taylor swift dating conor kennedy tumblr

Taylor is forced to deny that she crashed the wedding of Conor's cousin, Kyle Kennedy, after the mother-of-the-bride told the media that Tay Nor (Con Lor?) were asked to leave not once but twice at the vow swap, only to refuse.It was previously thought that Taylor was dating Conor's cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger when she was spotted spending Independence Day () with him and some of the Kennedys but she spent last weekend with Conor and was seen walking hand in hand with him.

and the late Mary Kennedy that she has put in an offer on a property next to the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, according to Conor just turned 18 last week, so maybe Swift didn’t feel comfortable going public until then — but the couple certainly doesn’t seem to be hiding anything now.The pair reportedly went to a house party that was attended by “all of Hyannis Port,” where Swift’s presence got the attention of even the hard-to-impress locals.Yes, Taylor Swift is dating a member of the Kennedy clan. Last Friday July 27, the country crooner, 22, was photographed once again hanging out in Hyannisport, MA with many members of the Kennedy family --looking particularly close with Conor Kennedy.PHOTOS: Taylor's love life Swift and Conor, the 18-year-old son of Robert F. and the late Mary Kennedy "walked on the beach and played on a trampoline," a witness tells Us.The budding relationship is a bright spot for Conor in an otherwise brutal year.


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