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-- the closest store to Apple's corporate headquarters.

held it's traditional annual best drummer vote, crowning Gojira's Mario Duplantier as the top skin basher for 2016.

2) When the camera isn't recording internally, the live HDMI out still does face detection / skin smoothing, even if face detection is disabled!

This means when sending the camera's feed out to an external recorder, TV, monitor, live internet streamer, etc, we get intermittent skin smoothing that sort of looks like the subject's skin has turned into wax.

The commercial -- which to be sure is quite well done -- mocks those waiting for one of Apple's new i Phones in front of the company's retail stores: The turnaround time is arguably impressive given that Apple debuted the i Phone 5.

Mentioned (and mocked) are things like the new dock connector, larger screen and LTE -- the latter of which are said to be old news by those with Samsung's Galaxy S3.

What I didn't expect is how much it would grow!

There are quite a few discussions across the internet about this problem- the solution proposed has been to turn off face detection entirely.

But there are two problems with this.1) We lose the other benefits of face detection, such as autofocus tracking.

Les Shalgues de GTA sont des personnages hors du commun qui se lancent dans de folles aventures.

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