Sophia and austin dating

relationship comes to an end April 4 and now their real life one is over too!! Everyone thought the third time might have been the charm but apparently not!! Is that just a nice way of saying she fell out of love or was he doing something specific?? Sophia Bush has broken up with long-term boyfriend Austin Nichols. I was really irritated because I wanted to play volleyball and I had to go and do this play.

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We’re guessing her exes won’t be showing up to the premieres — she’s currently dating an NBA trainer (it’s whatever).

Sophia Bush has revealed she and her One Tree Hill co-star Austin Nichols have been dating for the last four years.

The actress was rumored to have started a relationship with Nichols last year after they were spotted being intimate at the Hollywood Style Awards in October.

Taking to Twitter, the Gladiator star labelled the claims as 'deliberate lies'.

In their story on Monday, the publication claimed that Sophia had met Russell's two young sons, Charlie, 13, and Tennyson, 10, who he shares with ex Danielle Spencer, 48, and has the tick of approval from his boys.'She has a wonderful exuberance and is a lot of fun, but she's also really down-to-earth and has a direction in life, which he likes,' a 'friend' reportedly told the magazine.


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