Songs about dating a military man

On the week ending March 31, 2012, "Ours" topped the Billboard Country Songs chart, making it Swift's sixth chart-topper, following "Our Song" in 2007-2008, "Should've Said No" in 2008, "Love Story" in 2008, "You Belong with Me" in 2009, and "Sparks Fly" in 2011.

In the Spring of ’08, he joined the Army and went off to Ft Knox for basic training soon after. Everyone thought I was crazy for committing to someone who would be stationed halfway across the country, but he and I knew it was right. Sure, there are days that I’d rather not get out of bed, when I’m lonely and all I want to do is cry.The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Country Songs Chart and number 13 on the Hot 100 and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.Internationally, the song peaked at 91 in Australia and 68 on the Canadian Hot 100.I wanted to be supportive but at the same time, I was still in high school, it was a really rough piece of news to receive.Eventually I decided that id stay with him, I went to his graduation, it was so nice to see him again. We spent a few weeks of leave together, and off he went to Germany. He and I always joke that our story would make such a good movie =] I met my soldier 5 years ago while hanging out with his older brother – my best friend at the time.3) If you are someone who needs to live close to your family, do not date or marry someone in the military. Do not anticipate that you will get them to leave it and do something else.


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