Sex dating in philadelphia pennsylvania

It baffles the mind: You’d think there’d be a wide variety of tastes for a single, young gay man in Philly, but I haven’t necessarily found that to be true.

In fact, as of this publication, the last time I had a sexual encounter with another guy was around November of last year.

My hand has been taking care of things since then, thank you very much.

(Hey, it’s National Masturbation Month; it’s practically a public service! I am not one to seek out hook-ups, but have they happened? I’ve had plenty of “dates” that turn into one-night stands, but I am not comfortable posting a public underwear shot on Grindr and advertising that I’m just looking for a fuck. There was someone with whom I had been on a handful of dates with.

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The Trestle Inn was voted the best “Spot That Gets The Sex Started,” but if you’re looking to actually seal the deal in the immediate, then head over to Tattooed Mom instead, because that got high marks as the “Best Bathroom For Sex.” If you can withstand the grunginess in there, kudos to you.

If you’re looking to seem ~sophisticated~ and impress your date, head to the Mütter Museum, which was named best “Intellectual Attraction.” Here’s the list of other top-voted Philly date spots: If you haven't heard, Philly Voice is delving into your love lives this summer and exploring the topic of dating.

An addition to articles like this one and others, we want to hear your bad dating stories.

Dalessandro's Steaks was named the best "Dime Saver Destination" for Ok Cupid dates, so if you’re ever worried about being a cheap date, keep that in mind.

If you’re thirsty for Instagram love, Ok Cupid voters chose Mission Taqueria as the "Most Instagrammable" date location.


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