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In this class, we will focus primarily on African gendered experiences, from African perspectives, through anthropological, historical, and literary texts.

We will note ways in which various African gender practices shift and are contested, both locally and at state levels, in a number of societies and nation states, including in Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

The University of Washington School of Drama will present Sarah Ruhl's adaptation of Orlando by Virginia Woolf, directed by School of Drama Professor and CIVIC REP Artistic Director L. The production runs April 28th - May 7th at the historic Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre on the University of Washington campus.

Orlando, the fifth show in the School of Drama's 2016-2017 mainstage season, explores sex, love, and identity in a story that spans centuries.

Current work examines discourses of race, class, and kinship embedded in foster care and adoption, both domestically and transnationally.

Co-author of and author of articles on gender, kinship, education, and sexuality. SLC, 1992– The African continent and its peoples have experienced many interventions, both material and discursive, at the hands of Europeans from the period of 19th-century colonization to the present.

Orlando features vibrant music, moments of improvisation, physical exploration and performances, and an ensemble of undergraduate actors.

Ethnographic studies in East Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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