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David Firth es un animador Inglés, videoartista, cineasta amateur y músico.Varias de sus obras en diversos dibujos animados animación Flash, así como sus múltiples videos y obras de videoarte han ganado muchos seguidores, e incluyen algunos de los videos en línea serie más aclamada.There isn't really any plot on this or anything to interprate, but it does a great job to 'set up' what's to come.The concept behind Salad Fingers is when David Firth, the show’s creator, played his guitar one day.Its soundtrack includes work from Aphex Twin, Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, The Buttress (more Buttress! The Verge reported on the film from Sundance, with writer Chris Plainte calling it “the grossest movie ever made.” He summarized it as “a collection of semi-connected short films chronicling the lives of the mutated women, men, and children of Los Angeles, following the earthquake to end all earthquakes,” then continued: “The sliced eyeball in .” Apparently, there is a character whose neck-boil (or pustule/cyst/whatever else I may have already referred to them as) talks, and that talking boil also is the recipient of…sex.Following the sex, “the boil keeps talking, even though its mouth is full of semen,” Plainte clarifies.Another way you use tone to your advantage is through the well-done voice acting, Salad Fingers has this eerie, crinkled whisper that is used well in this dark comedy.The comedy in this is pretty okay, it does an alright job of bring out the eccentric side of the creepy old salad men, but it reallies to much on randomness.

If you're not familiar with the Salad Fingers series, you can get up to speed at Steam Greenlight Page (It's been Green Lit): Note that David Firth has authorized the making of this game, however his level of involvement is still being negotiated.

Current status is that we've gained permission to use his intellectual property for Salad Fingers and even received some art and sound asset libraries directly from him.

Additionally, we've attempted to gain David Firth's involvement through contractual employment, however due to his heavy workload, he's unable to assist in the development of this game at this time.

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