Ryan seacrest dating 2016

UPDATE: Now ET tells me Adriana Lima is actually dating Julian Edelman. News has learned that Adriana Lima and Ryan Seacrest are dating and have most recently been spotted on a romantic dinner date in New York City. Every time I see something about Seacrest, I always think Neil Patrick Harris leaving his husband is somehow going to be involved.

Somebody needs to figure this shit out and let me know what the hell is going on here. Ryan Seacrest, the gayest heterosexual of all time, is now currently dating Adriana Lima, the third best Victoria’s Secret model of al time. The two connected during their time in Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics, and the rest, as they say, is history!

The two met at Rio Olympics this year and recently reconnected in New York for dinner.

Both Lima and Seacrest are in New York for the fashion week and some of the sources say “they are just friends”. Online reported on the relationship as well saying that it’s possible that the two are dating. network’s close relationship with Seacrest, they’d know…

Earlier in 2015, Seacrest dated model Renee Hall, who he met at his 40th birthday party in Napa Valley, California."So inspired everytime I hear what these guys are doing.

This list contains Ryan Seacrest's exes like Julianne Hough and Sophie Monk.In addition, Taylor is reported to have been Seacrest’s date to Guess co-founder Paul Marciano’s wedding in Bora Bora over this past Thanksgiving weekend.reported that Seacrest and Adriana Lima were an item, especially after photos of the two hanging out were posted on Instagram.quality=65&strip=all&w=681 681w, https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/gettyimages-674965386.jpg?Ryan dated Shana Wall, model and actress from 2003-2005.Sara Jean Underwood, the Playboy Playmate was dating Seacrest on and off for two years.Which of Ryan Seacrest's ex-girlfriends do you think is the hottest?


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