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The chances of the gun firing are based on how many previous shots have been fired.

Also of course how many bullets have been placed in the revolvers cylinder before the Russian roulette game has begun.

The roulette part of this games name refers to the revolver’s cylinder looking similar to a roulette wheel.

However it’s also safe to say the element of betting as well as statistical odds in playing Russian roulette add further credence to the gambling connection.

Russian roulette has always remained a strange, potent yet morbidly curious game of probability.

Considered a game of chance or even assisted suicide - the game refers to a loaded revolver (6 shots normally) being spun around.

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The one exception is Fitzleet House in Bognor Regis.

Whoever the barrel points too must proceed to fire the gun at their own head.

The name “Russian roulette” takes its meaning from the suggested birthplace of this notorious game.

“This is the county council playing Russian roulette and gambling it will be a false alarm even though many fires are picked up by automatic detection.” The county council says inspections are carried out to all high-rise properties to identify risks to firefighters in the event of a fire.

A spokesman said: “The residential high-rise buildings in West Sussex are located in areas of concentrated population and served by whole time or day crewed stations. “Of the five example high-rise buildings assessed, six fire engines are modelled as all being on scene in 24 minutes or less.” The county council says six fire engines would be on scene in less than 32 minutes.


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