Romeo santos who is he dating

So, in that world, I don’t know if I’m capable of functioning and connecting the same way."His Son Although Santos bought a house for son Alex, now 14, and his mother (Santos' ex-girlfriend), he keeps them out of the public eye.Santos only did a cover with Alex "when he got to an age where he personally could decide ‘I want to be on a cover.Swifty absolutely slayed the competition, earning a whopping .5 million largely thanks to her tour — which cashed in .7M for her 2015 haul.Related: Taylor & Gigi Hadid Almost Got Kicked Out Of Coachella!

The paper says the singer has been spotted wearing a new wedding ring earlier this week.

I have seen it.” Santos, who went solo earlier this year, added that he has never experienced a relationship crumbling in the spotlight because he has chosen to be very private about his love life.

Santos said he has dated women who have stressed that they do not want to become public figures.

“They deserve that respect—of me not showing them off,” he said. Santos also touched upon rumors spread about him, especially when he ventured off for a solo career from Aventura.

Since then, he's been accused of being arrogant and some have even said that the bachatero is gay.


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