Rockbox database not updating omarion grandberry dating

When it came up I immediately checked and found every entry in the database had a duplicate.Hard to figure out when and why, and hard to reproduce, but I can sure duplicated entries problem still exists.Rockbox runs on a wide variety of devices with very different hardware abilities: from early Archos players with 1-bit character cell-based displays, to modern players with high resolution color displays, digital optical audio hardware and advanced recording abilities.The Rockbox project began in late 2001 and was first implemented on the early Archos series of hard-disk based MP3 players/recorders (including the flash-only model Ondio), because of owner frustration with severe limitations in the manufacturer-supplied user interface and device operations.In this case the file's title field could be no longer in use. I've not altered any files, not even added any.And still, after one reboot, there are duplicate entries everwhere, a few triple entries. I'm still seeing this problem using r16460 on my c200. After several sessions with RB, I connected the USB and booted into the OF just to charge the battery (because I didn't know I could charge only from within RB).Very often the AAC tracks wouldn't get into the database after an update where the old mp3 versions were just fine. -Greg Some strange behavior: As suggested I tried to find out which file was causing the problem by deleting half the tracks from my player and it hung on 1702 tracks.

There probably should be a check for this condition as well. Note that lseek returns a negative value in case of an error. How can the condition ever be true in your version?Also, a new behaviour I've witnessed with recent firmwares is that it will do a "Searching..." on entering almost any album/place in database. When I disconnected the OF did the usual "Refresheing Database" message.When it completed I powered off and then booted into RB.Instead, it offered a greatly improved user interface and added plug-in functions absent in the factory firmware.


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