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Our two-tier process of short profile and in depth bio with photo (if available) preserves our members' privacy. If you meet someone that you want to date exclusively or if you are too busy to date, you may suspend your membership and resume it at a later date.

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So when I heard about Ivy Date, a new dating site for Ivy Leaguers and the singles that chase them, my initial reaction was to hate.

But, after chatting with the two founders, and Harvard Alum, Phillip Triebel and Beri Meric, I was pleasantly surprised.

But far from retreating from the online dating industry, Wolfe instead set out to reinvent it.

After relentless research and hours of focus groups, she found users were increasingly perturbed by the issue of abuse – both misogyny online and actual abuse of dating services.

Many of our members have high profile public and professional identities, which require that their personal information be treated with the utmost discretion. Couples who connected over the internet would laugh nervously and mutter something about "meeting in a bar". Today, it accounts for around one in every five new relationships and one in six marriages.Most people now know someone who met their partner online – and the stigma has gone.Dating sites don’t use controlled studies, for example, which would be nearly impossible.These issues haven’t stopped promoters from making outlandish, unproven claims, such as the bizarre one from Gene Partner, a site that says its matchmaking abilities are superior because it incorporates users’ DNA: “Now, hard science is making it easier to find true love.What I thought would be one of the most superficial sites in the online dating spectrum, actually turned out to be one of the least. For more details check out my Q&A with the founders below. We thought there was a gap in the market and wanted to create a dating site for the "scholastically oriented" focusing on the values of education and intellectual curiosity.


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