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So whether you are an out and proud lesbian, bisexual or whether you would prefer to remain private this is the site for you!Many of the products on Pink Lobster Shop can also be purchased at Pink Lobster Dating and Pink Lobster Matchmaking's exclusive private events.You can feel safe with our special features and you can feel understood by like minded women.

He enjoys taking known stories audiences are familiar with and deconstructing them into silly antidotes.

I was on the dating scene and finding it especially hard being a femme lesbian myself.

Not only is the site easy to use, it is great at helping you find your perfect match.

Also I was often surprised by the amount of distrust from other lesbians based on my appearance alone.

My lesbian owners spend a lot of the time in the Pink Lobster Dating office online doing femme lesbian and bisexual stuff (I am open-minded and will lie on my back for any dog), I thought I would start a Tumblr account to show off my paws.


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