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Located about 50 kilometers east of the Libyan border in the Sahara Desert, Siwa is part of modern day Egypt.

Though it’s known as Siwa today, prior to the fifthteenth century, it was called Ammonium--which probably sounds like a place filled with the univalent chemical ion NH4 --and it sort of was.

The oasis’s inhabitants, known as Ammonians, coexisted amongst an ample amount of ammonium.

Its name stems from the Latin , meaning “salt of Ammon” named so because it was found near the temple of Ammon and its ancient oracle.

Richard Madden displays in yet another show how good of an actor he really is, most of the surrounding cast is on par, and immediately you feel there is depth to the characters they play.

The plot appears plausible and realistic, the scifi elements are well thought out, complemented by good cgi and very good directing.

We deliver everything on our menu late into the night!It feels like a spiritual successor to Earth II, only better in every way, and more complete.There are some bits of acting I dislike and some parts where I found the plot lacking, with as much of the story not being revealed its entirely possible my opinion will change.See more of his work and learn more about Siwa in the book worldwide who believe they are deserving of the title, the best dates might, in fact, be growing on palms in the Siwa Oasis.Their praises have been recorded since pharaonic times, and their taste has continued to be extolled for centuries.Contrary to popular belief, the term was not exclusive to the landlocked modern country of Ethiopia.


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