Online dating tips how to find your true love online

Avoid stating what you don’t like and what you aren’t looking for, rather state what you want and what you’re looking for - a positive attitude is attractive.

I made a profile, uploaded some photos, and waited. Whether we think so or not, most of us have been dating some derivative of a "type" for years.

After wading through a discouraging pile of creepy winks and lewd comments, I received a message from a Jewish guy who was in culinary school. ” We messaged back and forth a few times before I gave him my phone number. For me it was tall, athletic, emotionally unavailable men with whom I'd spend months/years trying to fix. The beauty of online dating is that you have a clean slate.

He'd read my profile and noticed that I REALLY loved food. He texted me within five minutes and I giggled knowing how many of my dating rules he had just broken. Spoiler alert: liking all the same things is boring. You can take your time and don’t have to settle for your old standbys.

You're both in the same place at the same time and interested in meeting new people.

Open yourself up to the possibility of meeting someone compelling, create a profile that makes you proud, and, lastly, keep on living your life! Know that you can learn a lot about potential dates from the picture they choose to use.


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