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For corporate events, promotions, trade shows or whatever your simulator rental needs are, VIRTUAL Sim Tech has it.VIRTUAL Sim Tech also offers sales for permanent or portable installations at amusement parks, museums, arcades or home use.Now, with one platform both traditional publisher’s with a VR app and emerging VR developer’s looking to monetize their experience with native VR formats can get started with 3 simple steps: If interested in learning more about Omni Virt and recent updates to its Monetization Platform, please reach out at [email protected] Omni Virt Omni Virt is 360 Video and Virtual Reality advertising platform founded by former Google and You Tube employees.The company has received funding from top venture capitalists including Andreessen Horowitz, Greycroft, BDMI, Horizon Media, First Round Capital and many others.Omni Virt’s technology distributes 360° VR across top publisher websites like The New York Times, AOL, Time Inc, Gannet, Wall Street Journal, Vice Media and more. CEO Jan Goetgeluk pitched the omnidirectional VR treadmill to a panel of wealthy investors, including Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.While previous announcements and case studies from Omni Virt have called out work with The New York Times, Time Inc, AOL, and many other traditional publishers to power 360° Video advertising for web inventory, with this announcement Omni Virt’s platform can be used to monetize a publisher’s Virtual Reality inventory as well.While publishers have invested into VR, the industry has lacked technology to connect web and VR inventory together, creating limited scale and monetization for VR providers.

VIRTUAL Sim Tech is the national and international source for Virtual Reality Simulator sales and rentals.

Now these campaigns can scale into VR inventory as well.

Omni Virt’s mission is to make it easy for publishers and advertisers to launch and monetize their VR experiences and campaigns.

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