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“It showed she had poor taste,” Varnava, a doctoral candidate in physics at Rutgers University, says of his would-be date.

“It’s one of those small things that contributes to a person’s whole personality.” Coffee Meets Bagel is just one of many dating apps now siphoning private data in hopes of successfully linking like-minded singles.

When Desiree Royer spotted a suave gentleman sporting a three-piece Armani suit step into a dingy pub in Hartford, Conn., she felt like she was starring in a rom-com. Big,” Royer recalls of that fateful encounter in 2003, referring to the high-powered “Sex and the City” character played by Chris Noth.

Back then, she was a 21-year-old artist and bartender, and he was a 26-year-old consultant on Wall Street.

But Varnava’s hopes were dashed when he dug deeper and realized she had a fatal flaw.

“I saw that she had been listening to Nickelback,” he tells The Post, barely able to utter the name of the widely reviled Canadian rock band.

“I threw my water at him and stormed out,” she says.

“I said that if he wanted to treat me like a high-class prostitute, he could [at least] give me the option to be one.” She swore off dating finance guys then and there.

An app called Hinge extracts Facebook data to suggest potential love matches based on mutual friends and has become a popular way to gather deep intel on people before an introductory message is exchanged.Varnava made his deal-breaking discovery using Mixtape, a feature launched within Coffee Meets Bagel in January.Mixtape links with music-streaming juggernaut Spotify to mine users’ public playlists and most-listened-to songs — revealing what they are actually listening to, not just what they claim to like.Brittany Simon’s date showed up with some surprise shortcomings.Dressed sloppily and standing 3 inches shorter than his self-proclaimed height, the investment banker barely resembled the Facetuned photos he had...White supremacist Chris Cantwell has been kicked off the dating website Ok Cupid following his participation in the recent Charlottesville, Va. While The League uses an “advanced screening algorithm” to limit...


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