No interest in dating or relationships

As a teenager, Cijay Morgan couldnt understand the fuss her friends made over dating and boys.My friends were pairing off and talking about crushes on movie stars, and I just didnt get it, remembers Morgan, now 42.According to a surprising new study, one in 100 adults has no interest in sex.And as awareness grows, more and more people, like Morgan, feel comfortable proudly identifying as asexual.Life as a single person offers many rewards, such as being free to pursue your own hobbies and interests, learning how to enjoy your own company, and appreciating the quiet moments of solitude.However, if you’re ready to share your life with someone and want to build a lasting, worthwhile relationship, life as a single person can also be frustrating.The guy might have turned her off somehow, he might have pressed for sex too soon, or she might not be physically attracted to him.Whatever it is, she usually knows exactly why she's lost interest. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason why men lose interest; it just means that his reasons are MUCH more subtle than a woman’s. This need for reassurance (even when not explicitly stated from her) stops the development of his feelings in their tracks.

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It may not sound surprising to suggest that most of us jockey for power in our business and personal relationships.

As an adult, her dating life always stalled because she had absolutely no interest in a physical relationship.

Then, a few years ago, Morgan stumbled across an online community of people who defined themselves as asexual, meaning that they did not experience sexual attraction.

The “principle of least interest,” developed by sociologist Willard Willer from his studies of dating relationships among college undergraduates in the early 20th century, explains that how we feel about a relationship with another person depends on our perceptions of fairness or level of investment in that relationship.

The party who holds the most power in that relationship is the one who is (or appears) least invested or interested.


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