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The University of Otago research surveyed the sexual health of 2922 students aged 17 to 24 from universities nationwide.

It found 20 per cent of respondents reported at least three partners in the last 12 months.

If you didn't understand the above, don't worry, our purpose is to help you get your head around some of New Zealand's unique turns of phrase.

New Zealand has always been a nation with an eclectic mix of people and nationalities, and this mixing pot of cultures has led to the country developing its own particular way of speaking.

Some researchers have suggested that the spoken language of New Zealand is independent enough to warrant being called a separate dialect of English.

It’s not uncommon that people meet up at a pub and have sex the same night. Casual sex is particularly amongst university students in New Zealand.

Also, some Thai women are being verbally and occasionally physically assaulted by New Zealand women.

It was reported recently that two Thai women were assaulted in Nelson, a city on the eastern shore of Tasman Bay in South Island.

Jiab Uthaisong, 32, and Tai Sripan, 30, were verbally abused and then Ms Sripan punched, bruising an eye and damaging the eye socket.

She was treated in a local hospital, and both women spoke about the racial abuse that Thai women are experiencing in the country.


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