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If these five things aren’t present, things will likely fall apart or stay together, but not without some unnecessary and unfortunate drama.

Let a beautiful new beginning happen by being a good person and by following these simple tips. Nothing is more destructive than bringing lies into a new situation.

Be you, all you, and the best possible version of you.

But be you, without having to lie or dress things up.

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Occasionally we will host singles events that members/ & at times non-members will be invited to.Now, when I say to keep it real, that doesn’t mean that you should be in-your-face-New-York-City-Bronx real (no offense, cute accent).But seriously, why should anyone have to cover up the beautiful soul who we’re trying to truly get to know and possible fall in love with.The true common denominator with our members is their commitment– they want to meet like-minded singles and begin a quality relationship.* If you are sincerely seeking a loving relationship?Are you an older single who is looking for love in NZ? At Elite Singles a growing number of our Kiwi members are aged 50 , meaning that if you are looking for a relationship with someone on your wavelength, you’ve come to the right place. might bring with it mental pictures of blue rinses and carpet slippers, in practice mature daters are simply those who have been round the block once or twice.


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