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I really love the guy, I think he's amazing." He was complimentary about you. Mike Patton: Oh shit, on Melody Nelson I did a narration part on 'En Melody'. I think he understood that deeply by the time we did that. I knew about the record before we worked together and I had to go back to it to study it before all of this. It hit me hard when I first got it, which was, I dunno, ten years ago? After the Hollywood Bowl show he came to San Francisco with his daughters and we hung out. I'd ask Lou himself but I interviewed him once and it wasn't a very pleasant experience and I wouldn't want to go through that again... Patton says he's not keen to talk about new projects or collaborations as it gets him into trouble, though we can be assured there will be plenty to look forward to in 2012. He was really great with me, instructive yet supportive. Some other musicians and organisers had different experiences. Man I wish you could have seen the Hollywood Bowl show, it was nice. I do think that he does know, or he heard it from me and Beck and everyone else that was there. It was very obvious that we all loved his stuff and he was a big part of it. So I'm happy for him, he's opened up some doors, and he's got the courage to step through those doors. Given Name: Michael Allan Patton Age: 49 (1/27/1968)Occupation: Music - Musician Most Famous For: lead singer of the rock band Faith No More from 1988 to 1998 "I would never have dreamed I would be living in Colorado, married to a firefighter, not working and be happy with that too.; born November 1, 1962) is an American musician best known as lead singer and songwriter of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, which he has fronted since its inception in 1983.Michael Allan "Mike" Patton is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and actor, best known as the lead singer of the metal/experimental rock band Faith No More. Bungle (which preceded his involvement with FNM), Tomahawk, Fantômas, Lovage, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Peeping Tom.Known for his eclectic influences and experimental projects, Patton has earned critical praise for his diverse vocalization.On the line from San Francisco, Mike Patton has a lot to talk about. In fact it's been it's been a frantic few months, what with the release of a new Fantomas DVD: The Director's Cut: A New Year's Revolution, his Solitude of Prime Numbers soundtrack just out and a recent appearance at the Hollywood Bowl alongside Beck and Jean Claude Vannier to play Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire de Melody Nelson and Vannier's lost-and-found cult classic L'enfant Assassin des Mouches. I did like seven narrated songs that night, so I can't remember. I mean we did rehearsals like you wouldn't believe. And so I went back and listened to it and it hit me just as hard. It's funny, just yesterday he sent me a photo of me and his daughters on the San Francisco Bay, and he said, 'Here's a souvenir.' Yeah, he's a sweetheart. Having been sent the Fantomas DVD already, top of my Christmas wish-list is a collaboration between him and Jean Claude Vannier. 'a recent appearance at the Hollywood Bowl alongside Beck and Jean Claude Vannier to play Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire de Melody Nelson and Vannier's lost-and-found cult classic L'enfant Assassin des Mouches' *faints at the thought* Reply to this Admin If you have ever planned a wedding, or even attended a wedding, before you might have noticed that flower girls dresses often look like Easter or first communion dresses, or that they do not really seem like dresses for young girls.While we're here to talk primarily about the DVD, he seems more interested in discussing Lou Reed and Metallica's Lulu, Dave Lombardo's new project and the death of Colonel Gaddafi. 'En Melody' is the track where Jane Birkin is being tickled and making sex noises right? It was a pretty intense little period and by the end he definitely had a sense of how his music affected a creative stream of artists these days. So let's talk briefly about The Solitude of Prime Numbers... The soundtrack is based on a novel by Paolo Giordano. Flower girls have a tendency to look as though they are wearing dresses that were shrunk down to fit them, and accessories that do not fully fit the occasion.

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