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Managua's location between the rival cities of León and Granada made it an ideal compromise site when the capital was relocated in the 1850s.

While this decision seemed genius at the time, geology today indicates otherwise, as there is an active fault line right where downtown Managua used to be (before the 1972 earthquake knocked it down, that is). The city is Nicaragua's chief trading center for coffee, cotton, and other crops. Its chief products for trade include beer, coffee, matches, textiles, and shoes.

Sure, there are many options for non-Japanese people in Tokyo.

But once you leave the capital city, those become exceedingly rare.

Almost every fourth Nicaraguan is a Managuan and the city still grows rapidly through people moving in, making a person "born and raised" in Managua something of a rare sight.

The process for making chicha is essentially the same as the process for the production of malted barley beer.

It is traditionally made with Jora corn, a type of malted corn from the Andes.

Ever threatened by earthquakes, Managua has mostly lost its historical downtown in a 1972 quake, but is slowly gaining yet another face through urban renewal policies of the current government.

While many visitors to Nicaragua try to limit their time in the capital you should not make the same mistake as its theaters, museums, monuments and historical remnants are well worth spending some time, to say nothing of the nightlife.


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