Made in chelsea francis boulle speed dating

Despite recent problems, Spencer announces that him and Louise are still in a solid relationship but he’s not happy when he finds out that Andy has tried it on with her.

Elsewhere, back in Chelsea, Richard shows off his new girlfriend Ianthe, and Ollie decides to change his lifestyle and even gets his hair cut.

This is the first time that Ollie has been romantically linked to a woman since his brief romance with Made In Chelsea cast mate and Topshop heiress Chloe Green, except for a brief Amsterdam fling with Gabriella during last series.

We had all hoped that when, after weeks of flirting (which was amazing in itself given the nasty break up they went through) Ollie announced to the rest of the cast that he had bedded aspiring singer, Gabriella, again on the short trip, that they may be set to get back together.

Having followed the loves and losses of Cheska, Binky, Millie and Francis amongst others over a solid three and a half seasons of indulgence, it was with level of excitement only matched by Christmas morning that Pop Up Speeddating made its way to the sleek Vanilla bar in central London to take part in one of the upcoming episodes of Made In Chelsea.

Chaotic though the lives of these London socialites may be, three seasons in a little help is needed, and what better way to get a few pulses racing than an intense dating experience with the intention finding your next great love.

Ollie and Ashley, who classes herself as a TV presenter on social networking site Twitter, were spotted together getting into the back of a black London cab, with Ollie placing a protective arm around Ashley’s shoulder. Then the next day Ollie took to the site again to describe his hangover, tweeting: ‘I definitely got pissed last night..

The series concluded on 17 December 2012 after 10 episodes, however a 60-minute Christmas special episode aired immediately after the series on 24 December 2012, which was then followed by an end of season special presented by Rick Edwards on 31 December 2012 featuring a reunion of the cast to discuss events from the series.

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They were informed that they get three minutes with each person, when the bell sounds ladies move onto the next table.

The series saw the arrival of several new cast members including Andy Jordan, Ashley James, Carly Rothman, Sam Cussins, Sophia Sassoon, the rivalry between Millie and Victoria increasing, the brief reconnection between Gabriella and Ollie, and the rocky relationship between Spencer and Louise until the revelation that he cheated on her.

The group take a trip to Saint Tropez, and Jamie introduces old friend Andy who shows his interest in wanting to hook up with Louise.

However, despite the flirting, Francis decided it wasn’t ever going to happen between them and so took himself speed-dating where he met Ashley.

But in true Chelsea style at the same time Sophia decided it was Francis she wanted and dumped Proudlock and headed to Francis’ house.


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