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But sadly, most artists have no idea what they should be receiving, or what is fair payment for a stream (ad-supported, paid, or in-between). All of that has created a low-trust environment, and confused artists and fans over who to support.Platforms like Spotify are fantastic, but are they screwing artists?In a gesture of acknowledgement and homage to Chaucer's "litel tragedye," Lydgate brings a five-book structure to Guido's thirty-five shorter books.

Lydgate's poem is a translation and expansion of Guido delle Colonne's .Included in this presentation are theories of the atomic structure of matter and the emergence and evolution of life forms – ideas that would eventually form a crucial foundation and background for the development of western science.In addition to his literary and scientific influence, Lucretius has been a major source of inspiration for a wide range of modern philosophers, including Gassendi, Bergson, Spencer, Whitehead, and Teilhard de Chardin.), a comprehensive exposition of the Epicurean world-view.Very little is known of the poet’s life, though a sense of his character and personality emerges vividly from his poem.Still, most artists can’t quite figure out the math. Even worse, Spotify is suspected of over-stating its per-stream payout structure, based on discrepancies with extremely low rates published by actual artists (usually on Digital Music News, here, here, and here, for starters.) This issue has not been roundly addressed by Spotify, which has created an even lower-trust environment with many artists and independent labels. Indies and smaller artists also complain that their rates are lower than bigger, major labels.


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