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Innocent Until Proven Guilty One of the hallmarks of the American legal system is the presumption that you are innocent until proven guilty.

This isn't just an ideal, it's an actual legal presumption, which means the judge and jury must assume you're innocent until they are shown otherwise.

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Mark Sway is an 11 year old boy who lives with his mother and brother in a trailer.

I Have an Alibi One of the primary ways defendants prove that they didn't do it is to demonstrate that they couldn't have done it.

Just last week I posted about Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost out for dinner together in New York. Remember a few years ago when Scarjo was dating Nate Naylor.

Disbar for alcohol abuse; detection and prevention of alcohol and substance abuse in the legal profession; alcoholic lawyer; disbarment for drug abuse; attorney ethics violation; ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct; lawyer legal ethics; CLE. If defendant plea of guilty is based on reasonably competent advice, it is intelligent plea not open to attack on the ground defendant counsel may have misjudged admissibility of defendant confession. When a prospective juror harbors preconceived notions of defendant guilt that cannot be set aside by consideration of the evidence, the juror must be dismissed for cause to ensure an impartial jury. When the evidence discloses any possibility that a juror views arise from the sufficiency of government evidence, disqualification must be denied.

Disbar for alcohol abuse; attorney substance abuse; attorney ethics violation; ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct; lawyer legal ethics and professional responsibility; CLE; Continuing Legal Education. Jaffari; a limited liability company is bound by the operating agreement signed by some members and that defines the LLC's governance and operation, even if the LLC itself did not sign. Geist; A manager of an LLC has the apparent authority to bind the LLC when he executes in its name an instrument for carrying on, in the usual way, its business or affairs. peremptory challenge; batson challenge; strike in camera.


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