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With H&M, Forever 21, Fossil, and more Western stores opening, the fashion here is changing and evolving.I’ve met loads of designers like Tia (beachy, European style), FARA (boho-chic) and As a westerner, you have a fine line to straddle.On selected flights, stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues with Internet connectivity, as well as text and multimedia messaging.A little white car covered with garlands came out from a factory in Gurgaon on December 14, 1983, and at the wheel of India’s first Maruti 800 was Indian Airline employee Harpal Singh heading towards his Green Park residence.A net profit of over billion was also recorded which gives about 11.8% increase over the previous year’s profit.

In those days, many people had applied for Maruti 800 but it was being given only to few through lucky draws.Travel with a partner, and adjacent suites can be converted into a double room.Reserve your main course up to 24 hours before you fly, including creations by notable chefs from our International Culinary Panel.The wrap part of the sari actually shows off quite a lot. The younger (and sometimes more privileged) kids here in India are the ones dressing more “westernized” but it’s not because of Bollywood, it’s because of Hollywood, Victoria’s Secret models, and Vogue India showing ads of westernized fashion.It was bound to happen as Western life became intriguing to India’s young women.Google acquired Android which broke them into the mobile operating system.


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