Keep firefox settings when updating

Do the following to check and modify Firefox's update settings:2.The update preferences were modified by third-party software If the changes mentioned above don't stick, then the update settings may have been modified by third-party software or a system administrator.So, how can I disable all questions upon startup of Firefox?Questions like: Questions on Stack Overflow are expected to relate to programming within the scope defined by the community. When I open Firefox it's because I want to visit a webpage (immediately), not because I want to sit and wait for updates to be installed.This article describes how to prevent specific settings from being modified from inside Firefox, Thunderbird, or Sea Monkey. If you're looking at a larger scale internal solution, you should consider using the CCK2 Wizard for Firefox, which supports preference locking and much more - all packaged in an easy to use installer.When a preference is locked, its GUI elements (checkboxes, buttons, etc.) are just grayed out like disabled items.There are three core reasons why Firefox may not update itself even though that is the desired behavior of the browser:1.The automatic update preferences were changed by the user in the browser This is the easiest to solve, as you can do so right from within the browser.

If you have problems accessing Java applications using Firefox, Oracle recommends using Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac OS X) instead.The Firefox web browser is configured to check for and install updates automatically by default.It offers configuration switches to change that to give users of the browser control over the updating functionality.Since these settings can no longer be changed by the user, you may want to prevent them from being shown at all in the GUI.Be careful though as dependent elements may still need to be accessible unless their preferences are locked as well.2: check for updates in BG and show a notification somewhere other than in my face.


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