Invalidating session on browser close

First, a recap of the three approaches described on the video: 1: Use Http Session directly.With this approach, you declare Http Session as a parameter to your controller method.License/key exchange is controlled by the application, facilitating the development of robust playback applications supporting a range of content decryption and protection technologies.This specification does not define a content protection or Digital Rights Management system.Kimball, Van De Loo Bernstein, Bowen, Britt, Burgher, Caldor, Callanan, Center Square, Cipriano, Concerned Citizens, Dicesare, Dombroski, Griswald, Inner City Press, Kessel, Lakeville Journal, Laurel Ridge, Magee, Malone, Max, MCI Telecommunications, Monroe-Livingston, North Bellmore Board of Education, Olish, Village of Philmont, Puka, Ramapo Homeowners, Roberts, Schofield, Smith, Smothers, Specht, Stephenson, Thorne, Valet, White, Wilson, Woll, American Society, Bigman, Canandaigua, Daily Gazette, Flynn, Goodson Todman v. Council of City of Newburgh (1982), Orange County Publications v.

the preparation, grading or administration of examinations; and h. An unintentional failure to fully comply with the notice provisions required by this article shall not alone be grounds for invalidating any action taken at a meeting of a public body. Any provision of a charter, administrative code, local law, ordinance, or rule or regulation affecting a public body which is more restrictive with respect to public access than this article shall be deemed superseded hereby to the extent that such provision is more restrictive than this article. Any provision of general, special or local law or charter, administrative code, ordinance, or rule or regulation less restrictive with respect to public access than this article shall not be deemed superseded hereby. Notwithstanding any provision of this article to the contrary, a public body may adopt provisions less restrictive with respect to public access than this article §111. If any provision of this article or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is adjudged invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction such judgment shall not affect or impair the validity of the other provisions of the article or the application thereof to other persons and circumstances.

In overturning the policy, one of the findings was that the "reference to the Open Meetings Law as permitting closure is unpersuasive." Held that "Although the statute provides an exemption from public access for 'judicial and quasi‑judicial proceedings'...a review of the case law provides no support for the general closure of administrative proceedings." Found that the exemption "is not intended to permit closure at the evidence or fact gathering stage", citing Orange County Publications v. Mayor's removal of the city zoning board of appeals members for violating the Open Meetings Law by meeting in closed session to deliberate on evidence adduced at public hearing on variance application was improper where board met in executive session in good-faith belief that proceeding was quasi-judicial in nature and therefore exempt from the law's requirements.

Defamation action based on statements made at public hearing held by zoning board of appeals.

the medical, financial, credit or employment history of a particular person or corporation, or matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person or corporation; g. Minutes shall be taken at all open meetings of a public body which shall consist of a record or summary of all motions, proposals, resolutions and any other matter formally voted upon and the vote thereon. Minutes shall be taken at executive sessions of any action that is taken by formal vote which shall consist of a record or summary of the final determination of such action, and the date and vote thereon; provided, however, that such summary need not include any matter which is not required to be made public by the freedom of information law as added by article six of this chapter. Minutes of meetings of all public bodies shall be available to the public in accordance with the provisions of the freedom of information law within two weeks from the date of such meeting except that minutes taken pursuant to subdivision two hereof shall be available to the public within one week from the date of the executive session. If the court determines that a public body has violated this article, the court may require the members of the public body to participate in a training session concerning the obligations imposed by this article conducted by the staff of the committee on open government.

collective negotiations pursuant to article fourteen of the civil service law; f. In any such action or proceeding, if a court determines that a public body failed to comply with this article, the court shall have the power, in its discretion, upon good cause shown, to declare that the public body violated this article and/or declare the action taken in relation to such violation void, in whole or in part, without prejudice to reconsideration in compliance with this article.


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