Identifying dating your family photographs with maureen taylor

A good overview of the the topic, with great list of resources that go into more detail. I rescue old photos and this book gave me some ideas for how to date photos more precisely to identify the possible birth year of subjects. Our relatives hand them to us because we are the family genealogists.Discover the history of photography and learn when specific costumes, hairstyles, architecture, interior design trends, and more were popular.This improved revised edition, full of color photographs, is sure to be instructive and inviting to genealogists, scrapbookers, and history enthusiasts alike.Photo Detective is the blog of photo historian Maureen Taylor, author of “Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs.” She helps readers play detective with their photographs for free.

Tell the story of identified photographs using the clues in the images. Create worksheets for each image to expand your knowledge about your ancestors.Pictorial context is important–where was it taken, who took the image and what else is visible.Adding up the clues can solve the mystery, date the image and identify the person.To understand your pictures research as many ancestors as possible so that you know where they lived as well as their birth and death dates.You'll need this information to narrow down the possibilities.Photo identification and dating an image relies on information.


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