I keep dating the wrong girls

How does that first adorable hint of jealousy snowball into full-blown insecurity and dependence?

In my previous blog, “Why You Keep Winding Up in the Same Relationship” I explored this mystery, addressing why we often repeatedly choose similar partners and end up in the same unsatisfying or unsuccessful unions.

Look for the ones who have a tough shell that’s hard to break through but the inside is sweet and delightful. Ask a few girls out who you like but don’t really feel physically attracted to.

Many men would like to have the confidence of James Bond, but ultimately he’s not what women actually want.I am a 43-year-old bachelor, and I always seem to attract the wrong type of woman.At Royal Ascot this year there was an attractive lady queueing with me.But you are absolutely right: you need to have self-love to be able to believe that someone can really love you.You also need to identify why you get involved with the wrong sort of women.A lot of men (and women) tend to repeat relationship mistakes.


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