How to tell someone you are not interested in dating Pay by mobile sex cam with camera

The really crappy thing to do is tell someone that you want to be friends when you have no interest whatsoever in being his or her friend.

“The fade away” is the passive method of letting someone know that you’re not interested by being vague, not responding to messages, or (especially cruel) canceling scheduled dates at the last minute.

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No matter how you break the news, you’re still rejecting that person.

It isn’t just a people with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and other neurodiverse diagnoses asking that question; the question is universal. People fear rejection, and one way to avoid rejection is to assume that potential partners are not attracted to you unless they clearly show otherwise.

In other words, to avoid rejection, people want to be super certain that their potential partners are interested in them before making the next move. You can replace your instincts with good observational skills. For me, a person’s face is the easiest place for you to look for signs of romantic interest.

Depending on your diagnosis, your fear of rejection may be heightened by a lifetime of difficulty socializing caused by your struggles with reading body language and deciphering social cues. Most neurotypicals can rely on their instincts to tell them if their potential partner is romantically interested in them. I say that because every region of your potential partner’s face gives signals that he or she is interested or disinterested in you.

Like many of my workshop participants, you may not be able to rely on your instincts. Write into your Action Plan the following signs to look for in your potential partner: Looking for clues in conversation can be fruitful, but a little trickier.


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