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Erich drones on in a fumbling, rehearsed chatter, clearly uncomfortable around a Jewish reporter.Until 10 months ago, he was chairman of the National Alliance, one of the nation's premier white-power groups -- the one Timothy Mc Veigh called before the Oklahoma City bombing.Are you a single from Bhopal and waiting for romance to happen to you? Otherwise, it's an unquenched desire, which Quack Quack Bhopal chat room takes care of, well.

It's hard to believe this is a feared neo-Nazi leader and his ex-Playboy-model wife. A few dozen pounds ago, he might have been imposing.

Long ago, I discovered that if you wanted to open a conversation with a woman in a club, you simply had to go up to her and say, in your best cockney accent – and in a tone of genuine curiosity – ‘Hello, darlin’, what you got in that handbag?

’ It worked for me every time – and never better, indeed, than when the woman in question didn’t actually have a handbag. extraordinary to think that this less than promising start led to a romance that redefined the term ‘whirlwind’ and then to an eight-year-marriage that would eventually leave me as emotionally broken as I have ever been.

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