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Some are saloonists, bankers, government employees who work during the day but at night, they are in the streets doing what “they do best”.

Last week, My best colleague and I went to review the city brothels after the powerful five piece investigative we did last year, February and were surprised by the new number of brothels we came across.

Working closely with two affiliates, Help Age Kenya and the Kenya Society for People with AIDS, and 35 local partners.

Our mission is to see that the needs and rights of older people in Kenya are recognised and addressed through policies, legislation and programmes.

Part of it was also filmed at the nearby Dandoro dump, where some of the women make a living finding things to sell. But they are seen as going through a “secondary virginity”, so some teenage boys go after them, believing that sex with them will cure AIDS.

We hear the stories of rape and see the self-defence course being taught. ” and to hurt the man in a weak spot (eyes, nose, chin, testicles). “Ujamma” is misspelled, as I found out from a Google search.

Ujamaa Africa is an NGO founded by Dr Jake Sinclair, a White doctor in the US, and his wife.

They are about stuff like: Of the three less stereotypical stories – about Nollywood, Mount Kilimanjaro and West African fishing – two seem to be centred on White people. And after four days, this documentary is the only thing I have seen about Africa – or about any Black people anywhere. Employees: RT has at least one Black employee, Ashlee Banks – I saw her once, a few weeks ago – but not so far this week.I live in a large house in big grounds, and since my husband's death I have had to do an enormous amount of restoration and maintenance.I have learned so much in dealing with builders, making constant decisions and paying bills.My two children live overseas and have health and personal problems of their own.Although I have grown grandchildren in this country, they live a long way away.Prostitution is still one of the booming business in the country despite the hard economic times.


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