Good answers to speed dating questions

“In his book, Born to Be Good, Keltner even says that if he had to choose his mate by asking a single question at a speed-dating event, the question he would choose is: “What was your last embarrassing experience?” Then he would watch very carefully for lip-presses, blushes, and averted eyes.– an industry-led initiative focused on matching technology students with employers looking for growth.Effectively it is an opportunity for employers to hire students or recent graduates over the 3 month university summer vacation period, whether to test their skills for ongoing employment or for a fixed term project.We were after someone to come on board to work on further developing Flexi Time’s mobile apps.It surprised me that a young person soon to be graduating from university couldn’t think of something they were proud of.

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Außerdem möchte wohl keiner die Szene aus nachspielen, in der Cameron Diaz Jude Law bei ihrem ersten Aufeinandertreffen mit ihren bohrenden Fragen ordentlich ins Schwitzen bringt.First, there are a few basic questions you can ask to get an idea of his or her background and the type of person they are.Some questions may be too personal for some people to answer right away, and that is understandable.There is just not enough time on speed dating to have a debate about such topics and you do't want to spoil something right from the start.Instead try talking about current events; that may reveal much more about the person than asking about a favorite movie or color.Questions like this are good for lightening the mood and lowering your chances of sitting and having a drawn out, uncomfortable and awkward conversation.


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