Friend dating your ex girlfriend

You break up with a girl only to know that you still have feelings for her. You break up with a girl and then she ambles back to your life and one way or other you are forced, persuaded, or even influenced to date her all over again.

You break up with your girlfriend and in the next breath say, “I want to be friends.” The right response to that statement is, “OK, maybe in a year or six months but not today or this week.” Now this doesn’t apply to someone who you’ve dated just a few times.

Should I date my friend’s ex-girlfriend, is the dilemma in Jim’s mind.

There are certain issues to be considered before you think of dating your friend’s ex-girlfriend.

You want your ex to keep you on her speed dial and stay in touch about the latest in her life.

As a dating coach and a lesbian, I’m saying YUCK to all of this.


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