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__ robot has a 3D-printed skeleton, which allows it to move in a very human-like fashion.

It can bend its arms and legs, turn its head and bow, but also create naturalistic facial expressions.

This shouldn’t be an issue in North America since the ultraviolent version was published here on Wii.

Europe is a different story since Rising Star Games released the censored version.

Harmony will then continue to learn about you and remember "key facts" meant to "create an engaging simulation of a relationship," according to Abyss.

Presumably, the more she learns, the more she'll transform into your dream girl.

Texas native Jessica Drake was a dancer in an El Paso strip club that often featured porn stars, and she would watch them and think that she could do it better.

Amiami’s product page explains the Xbox 360 version is the North American edition and they expect it to be rated as an adults only, CERO Z game.In Japan, Microsoft has shown they aren’t afraid of the restrictive CERO Z rating.On occasion, they even embraced it by throwing events showcasing CERO Z titles.Oh and I almost forgot, I decided to do a nice little tease for you before being a naughty girl!Dubbed Mark 1, the android is a product of creator Ricky Ma’s life-long passion for humanoid robots.This warning only appears on the Xbox 360 page, which suggests the Play Station 3 version will have black pixels instead of red blood.


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