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    That wouldn’t inherently be a problem, except for this: based on’s estimates, 75 percent of those new employees are male. If straight dudes need a reason (besides all the other reasons) to support women in STEM fields, here is that reason. If you’re a single woman in Seattle, for example, the odds are forever in your favor. And so Reifman pleads, if you are a “straight single woman outside of Seattle, this might be a great time to move here.

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    It creeps me out.” Lanier said although sugar daddies claim to only pay for “[the sugar baby’s] company,” they actually pay for “dinner and sex.”When asked about safety, Velasquez said Seeking requires users to undergo a background check and sign a terms of use contract, in which solicitation is prohibited.“There is nothing that even implies that [prostitution] is allowed on the website to begin with, and furthermore we are the first dating website to implement a background check,” he said.